OMR Technology: How OMR Sheets are checked?

how OMR Sheets are checked

Hello Guys! In this article we will talk about OMR Technology. We will discuss in detail how OMR Sheets are checked. Why it is widely used in Entrance Exams?

Guys let’s understand what is OMR. OMR is a short form of Optical Mark Recognizer. Some time it is also called as Optical Mark Reader. As the name suggest it reads mark. So now the question is how it reads the mark?

Don’t worry I will explain you everything one by one. There are two process through which OMR Sheets are checked. One is by passing the light through it and other is by reflecting the beam of light on it.

Two Methods of OMR Sheet Checking:

  • Refraction
  • Reflection

Refraction: As you all know in OMR technology we use OMR sheets. Have you ever thought why the OMR Sheet is always different from the ordinary paper? Why we can’t use normal paper in OMR?

I think no, you have never thought about that. Ok, no problem I will tell you why. OMR sheets are made up of a different type of paper, which is known as trans-optic paper. We use this paper because it passes light through them easily.

So in this process, we scatter a beam of light on the paper and measure the quantity of light passed through the paper. So when we measure the quantity of light we observe that area where it is dotted with pen or pencil pass less amount of light as compared to the other area.

In this way, we finds that where is marked and where it is not marked. And after that OMR software compare this data with the original answer data. And in this way we find out how much marks is obtained by that particular candidate.

Reflection: In this process of OMR Sheet Checking we put some light on the OMR sheet and measure the quantity of light reflected by each section of paper. Area where the OMR Sheet is marked with pen or pencil, It reflects less amount of light as compare to the other section of paper which is not marked.

In this way, we get a data at which parts OMR sheet is marked and the with the OMR software we compare with the original data Of right answers and find out how much dot is similar to the original data and find out the marks obtained by the candidate.

So, guys! this was the whole process how OMR Sheet is checked. I hope you like this article. If you like this article, please subscribe our blog and share this article with your friends. Thanks for Reading this article.

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