How to rank your App in Google Playstore? Playstore ASO

Hello Dear! I know you have developed an App and you have already published your App in Google Playstore but your App is not coming in search results or you have to go long way down after searching your App name in Playstore. So you are at right place.

I will tell you how you can rank your App in playstore & increase your App’s download. I am also a developer like you. But i have more experience than you. So i can share my some tips on behalf of my playstore’s experience in last few years.

To rank your App & get your App in search results you can do few this which will help your App to grow in playstore and get more downloads.

  1. App Icon: You have to design or select a marvellous icon for your App. Which should be eye catching & it should be related to your App’s topic & category. Your App’s icon is the first impression for your app to your users. If your app icon is atteraattr then it can help you to get more downloads because lots of people download Apps just by seeinga good and attractive icon. So your icon should be attractive and related to your Apps topic.
  2. Name of your App: It plays most important role in search result. You app name should be unique and at the same time it should contain some keywords related to your App. For example if you have made an App on railway enquiry and you have named it dolphin then it is 100% sure your App will not get downloads. So you should have to name your App something which also contains keyword Railwa Enquiry. i.e indian railways enquiry.
  3. Description: Description also plays an important role in search results. Your App should have a proper description so that people get satisfied that he/she should have download this App. At the same time your description should contain some keywords related to your App so it will help your App to get into the the search.
  4. Ratings: It plays very important role in convincing people about your App’s performance. If your app will get good rating like 4.5 stars out of 5 stars then automatically people will think that this is a good app. It will get my job done. I should download this App. But if your app will get 2.5 stars out of 5 stars then people will think this is not a good App. I should look for the better App. So you have to maintain your Apps rating by improving your App. And also ask your friends and family members to give a good ratings to your app so it can maintain your rating.
  5. Reviews: last but not the least, good review is very helpful in getting good download for any App. If your App will get 30-40 good review in starting your App will start growing and it will start to come in search results. So you have to get good reviews for your App. I don’t know from where you will get good Review but you have to get good reviews if you want to get downloads. So tell your friends to write positive review on your App. Tell your family members to write positive review. If your friends will right lengthy review on your App it will be good for you because in most of the case lengthy review comes on top of the review section.

This was the 5 tricks which you can use to get more downloads and rank your App in search results in playstore or Appstore. I hope it will help you. Best of luck…

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