VPS – Visual Positioning System : Google’s New Technology

Guys Now a day we all know about GPS (Global Positioning System) and I know most of you have used this GPS System. GPS helps to find our ways when we go some unknown place. But this technology now little old and it is not as accurate as we want. As the technology is growing day by day our expectations also increase. So to fulfill our expectations and requirements Companies like Google do research everyday and comes with the latest Technologies. From sometimes google was researching to improve positioning system. Now Google is ready to came with a new technology which is Named as VPS.

GPS What is VPS?

VPS is a new Technology which is an enhanced version of GPS. VPS is abbreviated as Visual Positioning System. Consider you are in an unknown place going for some important work. You don’t know about that place and you are taking help from GPS. And GPS system said you head north on the Zakir Husain Marg. You are in an unknown place you don’t even know which direction is north. So what will you do???You will look in the Map and you will watch that blue dot on the Map and start waking in a direction which you think it can be most probably North. You will see that if the blue is moving with you or not? If it will move with you, You will continue to move in that direction otherwise you will turn around and come back to the initial position. This takes lots of time and energy. But In VPS system here you have solution for this type of conditions because VPS system is using the power of Camera of your smart phone. So if you are in the same condition as above stated. You just need to have open your camera from your VPS system. It will Visualize the sounding around you and it will tell you in which direction you should go by showing some arrow. So it will be very easy for everyone to find their way.


Features of VPS:

As the Name suggest Visual Positioning System. I will visually show you your correct and accurate direction. By turning on your camera it will start to see near by places and tell you the correct direction. When you will use your camera in VPS at the same time you will be also able to see map at the bottom of the screen. In this way you will stay oriented in your path. Goggle is also trying to add a visual cartoon character guide so you can easily follow that guide and get your correct path. So its time to say bye bye GPS and welcome VPS.

Visual Positioning System


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