8 best plugins that every blogger should use

Hello guys! In this article, we will talk about the 8 best plugins that every blogger should use. We will discuss all the WordPress plugin one by one in detail.

If you are a newbie blogger then you should know about these plugins so that you can write SEO friendly articles and customize your blog in such a way so that your blog can become SEO friendly and you can get tons of traffic in your blog.

So before start discussing about 8 best plugins that every blogger should use. Let’s understand what is a plugin in case you don’t know. Because I am considering you as a newbie blogger.

Plugins are the powerful tools or software which enhance the functionalities of your blog or website. Just as you use software for different purposes in your computer system. So, if you want to add some function in your blog or website which is made over WordPress you need to use different plugins.

There are tons of free plugins available in WordPress plugins library you can go and find them, install them and activate them and enjoy using them. And of course, you can deactivate and uninstall them in case you don’t find it worthy.

8 best plugins that every blogger should use.

So now we are at that level of conversation, now we can discuss the plugins I was talking about. So here is the list of 8 best plugins that every blogger should use.

8 best plugins that every blogger should use.

    1. Yoast SEO – by team Yoast

Yoast SEO is the best plugin in WordPress for the SEO purpose it optimizes your articles in SEO friendly manner. It gives you suggestions on how you can improve the SEO Score of your articles so that it can come in the google search. It also shows you the readability Score of your article so that you can improve it. Yoast SEO also generates XML Sitemap of your blog. You can use this XML sitemap in google webmaster tool.

    2. Jetpack by wordpress.com

This plugin has tons of advantages. I can even write a whole article of 1500 words on this plugin. But for now, I am telling you few features of this jetpack plugin. It gives you Site stats and analytics.

It automates social media posting and scheduling in advance. You can automatically share your articles in all social media platform with the help of jetpack plugin. You can create share buttons at the end of your article with this plugin.

It also provides you lots of widgets just like Facebook page likes and Instagram feeds so that you can put it in your sidebar or footer of your blog and make your blog more beautiful.

    3. Contact Form 7 – by Takayuki Miyoshi

This is the most used contact form plugin. As you can see this is the most used plugin it means it is providing some value to users. Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact form. By using this plugin, you can create a contact us page for your blog or website. You can customize your contact form according to your necessity. You can also set captcha verification in your form.

    4. Shortcodes Ultimate – by Vladimir Anokhin

This plugin is very useful if you want to customize your article. Guys, you want to make your article attractive you should use this plugin. This plugin allows you to create different shapes and boxes in your article by using shortcodes.

Let’s suppose you want to highlight a paragraph of your article inside a box with a different color you can do it with this plugin. You can create and customize buttons in your article with this plugin using the shortcode. You don’t need to upload images for the button.

    5. Google Analytics – by ExactMetrics

This is the very best plugin to check the statistics of your blog or website. It shows google analytics statistic data directly in your WordPress dashboard. You don’t need to go in google analytic site for knowing your stats.

You know about your visitors. Where they are coming from, which article they are reading, how much time they are spending on your blog. And by knowing all this data you can target them. You can write the article according to their demand.

    6. Really Simple SSL – by Rogier Lankhorst

It is a very useful plugin for applying SSL Certificate on your blog or website. It is a Lightweight plugin without any setup to make your site SSL proof.

Just install and activate this plugin and click some button in setup and it will automatically apply SSL certificate in your blog. And your blog will start loading on HTTPS network request.

    7. Smush – by WPMU DEV

This plugin provides lots of values to their users. It reduces image file size and improves the performance of your blog. It reduces the page loading time of your blog. And by doing all this it boosts your blog’s SEO.

Now it’s time for our last plugin of this list. It is last in this list but not the least. So here is our last plugin on the 8th number.

    8. WP-DBManager – by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan

This plugin is used for managing the WordPress database. It allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore the database, delete backup database, drop/empty tables and run selected queries. Supports automatic scheduling of backing up, optimizing and repairing of the database and many more…


So, guys, this was our 8 best plugins that every blogger should use. I personally use all these plugins. And I will recommend you to try these plugins. I think you will love to use these plugins.

If you have any doubts or you want to ask anything from me you can comment down below or you can join me on Social Media. I will love to hear from you.

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